Personal Engagement with Repositories through Social Networking Applications

Google Social Tool

Posted by Dawn on May 14, 2008

While checking out news this afternoon I came across this article  about a new tool from Google that enables third party websites to get involved in social networking. This might be an interesting one to investigate with repository, especially as it is so new. The article also mentions several open standards and initiatives that have been used in its development. One I hadn’t been aware off:OpenSocial was released by Google November 2007, (according to Wikipedia. There is just so much going on its hard to keep track. Here’s some links that might prove useful.

Other relevant stuff from the article:


One Response to “Google Social Tool”

  1. I think understanding these technologies is pretty key to the robustness of your project: There are a handful of projects from commercial companies aiming to work across the social graph and a few of them provide the kind of functionality you are reaching for, although probably in a limited way from your point of view. OpenSocial isn’t going to be key to the kind of thing you want to achieve, but I’d be seriously investigating Google’s Friend Connect, Facebook Connect and what MySpace have been doing. I’d also investigate parallel lightweight community presence/building solutions like MyBlogLog and microblogging.

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