Personal Engagement with Repositories through Social Networking Applications

Repository Developments.

Posted by johnrg on August 27, 2008

In the last 6 weeks or so the open source IRISS SRU interface for the Intralibrary Repository has been made available. We have been able to create a modified version of this interface that connects to the LeedsMet Repository, searches for a given term, and extracts and displays matching entries. So far so good. The next phases for this project intend to extend this interface to include an interactive tree like representation of the internal structure of the repository and to investigate the incorporation of the interface within a personalisable interface supporting access to both work related and socially oriented tools. Hopefully prototypes of these will be available for demonstration during the Staff Development Festival in early September.

Given the Leedsmet partnership with Google early investigation of personalisable interfaces will focus on igoogle, a customisable personal portal available with the suite of tools and applications comprising the google interface. By creating google gadgets encapsulating the project tools we will make available to staff a range of facilities that will enable staff to build an igoogle page containing a range of work related and social networking tools that reflect their needs and interests.

Once we have tools and interfaces for staff to engage with we will be looking for staff who are willing to use both and provide feedback on their usefulness, usability and customisability.


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