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Browser plug-ins/extensions

Posted by Nick on January 15, 2009

Browser plug-ins and extensions aren’t really something I’ve explored in any great depth – apart from – we’ve been thinking more about widgets. Could we perhaps think about how plug-ins/extensions could be used either as an alternative or to complement some of our other tools?

Not sure yet if there is a social networking component to Zotero…if not could it be developed? And what skills does one need to develop plug-ins?


2 Responses to “Browser plug-ins/extensions”

  1. […] Posted by Nick on January 15, 2009 Not sure how I missed this to be honest but just come accross Zotero which is a FireFox plug-in and billed as the next generation research tool that help you collect, manage, and cite your research sources. Yet to have a proper play with it but at first sight it but looks intuitive with I high degree of functionality (N.B.  Not sure if it has a social networking element for sharing resources; could be a potential tool for PERSoNA?) […]

  2. John Gray said

    I think we need to be wary of browser plug-ins particularly given the fact that Leeds Met’s supported browser is IE6 and not FireFox. However there is nothing to stop us evaluating its effectiveness and looking to see how we could offer similar outputs.

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