Personal Engagement with Repositories through Social Networking Applications


PERSoNA (Personal Engagement with Repositories through Social Networking Applications) is a JISC funded project that will will link two other JISC funded projects, Streamline and An Institutional Repository for Leeds Metropolitan University, and provide scope to enhance the outcomes of both.

The Institutional Repository has become the established technology deployed at universities and other institutions to enable scholars to self-archive their research outputs; the PERSoNA team will be embedding social networking tools which allow chat, tagging and bookmarking (amongst other things) within the repository, and encouraging users to comment on their use of our repository and make recommendations amongst each other leading to the onward discovery of further resources.

PERSoNA will build on issues already identified by Streamline, namely that the relatively low take up of the use of repositories is a result of attitudinal issues as well as technical ones. Streamline has consulted potential repository users as part of its activities in supporting workflow and found that even staff who are willing to engage have serious
concerns about loss of control and ownership of their outputs. The need to manage their own
resources, while still sharing them with others, is therefore important. Building a community of trust around repository use would alleviate some of these issues.


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